Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Keep Calm & Carry On


Kelvin Kitchen Dining Area

Not my favorite, I do like how clean and refreshing it looks, but I have barely any CC for kitchens/living rooms for Sims3 right now...

Kelvin Living Room

So happy there are more custom content available (and more coming everyday, yay!) Today I have made a new living room for Leon and Ava Kelvin.

The artwork (aside from the one in the gold frames) are from TSR (pay items I think). The guitar is from Sims3 Store. Shelves are also from TSR.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Avery Legacy

James Avery had just inherited his Mother’s country home in East Norsington. A run down shack that once upon a time had been the loveliest house in town. But after the death of his Father 10 years ago and his Mother’s ailing health, the house fell into disrepair and the elder Mrs. Avery was much too feeble in her old age to keep up with it.

So, on a rather unremarkable October day, James Avery and his wife, Lily, moved into his old house, the one and only inheritance his family had left for him.

"I'm sorry it's not everything you wished."
"Don't be sorry. It's a home, and it's ours, and we'll make it our home," Lily said softly.
"But it's falling apart!" James cried. "It will probably fall completely into ruin before the end of the year."

"Well, we've both got our hands, our health, and if I remember, you're quite the handyman... I think we'll be ok. Maybe in the Spring I'll start a garden and we can plant fresh flowers... this is an adventure!" Lily exclaimed. James nodded lightly in agreement. His wife was right, at least they had a home and it didn't cost anything (upfront anyway), and he was a handyman...

The next morning, James woke up bright and early to tackle some of the brambles overtaking the yard.

Worn down furniture was littered behind unkempt shrubbery. He kept a look of determination on his face, but part of him wondered if they would ever restore the house to its once formal glory.

"Well someone is hungry!" Lily laughed clearing off James first plate. He had been working in the yard all morning and afternoon and had worked up a large appetite.

Lily knew everything would work out for them. There was just something about this house... it seemed to hold a promise of good things to come.

Monday, May 4, 2009

How does your garden grow... p. 2

Finally, a new recolor!

Well since Adele was busy working away in her little garden yesterday, I decided to make her some lovely garden sign posts from vintage seed packets.

The download file contains both of these sets... (only the signs are included, the other items are there just for decoration) I didn't exactly make the seed packets match what you can grow in the Sims (mostly because I have never gotten past growing tomatoes...) but I hope you enjoy anyway!

Flower Seed Garden Signs

Vegetable Seed Garden Signs

DOWNLOAD: Blueprint Sims Vintage Garden Signs

NEED MESH! This zip file does not contain the mesh! You can get the mesh at ModtheSims2 It is only the first download link.

Thanks Frillen for letting us recolor your meshes!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

How does your garden grow?

Adele wasn't born with a green thumb. In fact it's practically black. But every Spring she attempts an herb and vegetable garden hoping above hope her black thumb will at least turn grey.

We'll see shall we?

... ... Garden Shopping List ... ...

Various gardening tools at...Around the Sims2

Garden signs (for seedlings) at... ModtheSims2

Many gorgeous plants for your garden at... ModtheSims2

Even more beautiful garden plants (flowers) at... Parsimonious

Happy Gardening!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Conservatory Dining

Initially I had another dining room for Adele, but I decided to change up the look of her house to something I like a bit more. Before it was just a bit too posh and Adele isn't that posh of a person, she loves to garden and loves collecting tea cups and vintage dishes, so I really wanted this to show through.

Her dining room before had pretty dishes hung on the wall and bright floral wallpaper, which was sort of a modern take of her favorite things. But well, I like this version better. :)

This is her old dining room (another part of the house)

As you can see, the old dining room is much different than the new one... I think I will turn the old dining room into a large foyer with a little breakfast nook since it is directly attached to the kitchen.